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grow your home service business

10 Tips to Grow Your Home Service Business

10 Tips to Grow Your Home Service Business

grow your home service business

To grow your home service business you should focus on creating quality services that complement each other. The bulk of your growth will come from impressing current clients and proving yourself to potential ones. A heavy online presence will set you apart from other businesses.

While it is not as easy or as straightforward as it sounds, the path you take to grow your home service business is a fruitful one. By taking note of each of these tips you will be able to grow in no time at all.

Establish a Cornerstone Service

Whether you are just starting or you have been in business for years, choosing a service to serve as a cornerstone will create a firm foundation for your home service business.

A cornerstone service does not need to be something complicated or unique, but it should be an area that you feel confident that you can perfect. This should be something that you believe you can do better than the competition every time.

Expand to Complementary Services

While you grow your home services business you should focus on services that complement your cornerstone. If you are already established then look at the services that perform well with customers. These are key areas where growth will be welcomed.

As you expand, make sure the services that you offer make sense together. This will create a cohesive image for your business and allow you to upsell work and cover as much work as your clients need to be done.

Focus on Loyalty and Repeat Customers

An easier way to grow your home service business is to focus on the customers you are currently working with or have worked with in the past. This saves you time, money, and effort on marketing and it improves their perception and opinion of you.

Some ways to do this include:

  • Rewarding loyalty
  • Offering discounts for setting up routine service in advance
  • Discounting additional services on the spot

Customers will be happy to save money, and you will have an easy pathway to growth that does not involve chasing after new leads.

Collaborate with Other Businesses

Teaming up with other local businesses is another way to grow your home service business without traditional marketing arrangements.

A collaboration means that your two (or more) businesses will be sharing clients as is fit. This does not cut into the business you already have, and it brings more clients to your door.

Beyond that, the collaboration means that you have the opportunity to fulfill even more of your clients’ needs. The more you can do for them, the better their reviews and referrals will be.

Teach a Free Class to Market Your Business

It may seem counterintuitive to offer your services and knowledge for free, but taking up a guest speaking gig or taking a bit of time to teach a class help you grow your home service business by establishing a few things.

You have an opportunity to establish your expertise in the community without having to pay for marketing. This is the trade-off for teaching the class for free. While there will be opportunities for you to give paid classes, you should not expect to get paid if you are the one seeking out the opportunity.

Even though you are sharing some of your expertise for free you are showing the community that you have the knowledge necessary to do your job. This should quiet any doubts they may have about you, and the fact that you are sharing anything for free will improve public perception about you and your business.

Establish Your Business on Existing Websites

People tend to check the same websites when looking for home services online:

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Facebook

Each of these have business pages that give businesses the opportunity to share key information with potential customers in an easy-to-navigate way.

Take the time to fill out the information for your business on all these websites. Customers will appreciate being able to find information about your home service business in a way that is familiar to them, and your online presence will attract new customers.

The key to this is making sure you fill out as much information as you can, including business hours, contact information, and adding relevant images to your profile.

Create a Mobile-Optimized Website

An extension of the previous tip is to create a website. This helps grow your home service business by creating an expanded opportunity to share about your business online.

Having a website reinforces the idea that your business is legitimate and professional. It allows you to elaborate on the work you do and the services you offer, as well as integrating customer reviews and photo evidence of your work.

Your website should be well-designed and easy to navigate. Beyond this, ensure that the webpage is optimized for mobile viewing. Most customers nowadays are bringing these pages up on their phones. If they cannot get around on your website they might easily pass on your work.

Post Educational Content to Establish Expertise

Set aside part of your website to post content that is complementary to the services you provide. In most cases, this means adding a blog to your website, though this can also come in the form of a “Frequently Asked Questions” or “Resources” page.

The content should be an expansion of your services that explains how they are performed or why they are needed. For example, if you are offering residential cleaning services then a post on how cleaning reduces the need for costly repairs can easily boost your business.

The educational content you post offers another way for you to prove yourself to customers without them needing to take a risk in hiring you. The more you can show them you know what you are doing, the more you will be able to grow your home service business.

Engage With Customers and Potential Clients on Social Media

At this point in time having an active social media page is a great way for you to show off your business personality and connect with past, present, and future clients.

Most social media pages are free to create, even for businesses. While most will suggest that you post daily or even multiple times a day, even just posting two or three times a week will give you ample opportunity to get in the public eye.

People are more likely to trust a business that has a strong online presence, and keeping your social media account active is an easy way to do that. It also keeps you in the back of the mind of previous customers, leading to return clients in the future.

Hire a Virtual Receptionist

One of the most effective ways for you to grow is by hiring a call answering service for your home service business. This frees you up to do the work that you want to do, and it saves you time, effort, and money in the long run.

A call answering service will provide you with an expertly trained customer service representative who will do things like:

  • Answer incoming phone calls
  • Schedule appointments
  • Qualify leads
  • Make outbound calls

When you use a reputable call answering service like Mint Receptionists you do not need to worry about training them in customer service techniques. This frees up your employees to focus on boosting skills intrinsic to their position in your business.


Final Thoughts

Growing your home service business is not hard to do, but it does require a bit of work on your part. You can make it easier by outsourcing tasks that are not in your area of expertise, like website building, blog writing, and customer service.

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